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Weddings & Honeymoons

Our Family's Journey
David V. Knoxville, Tennessee

When my girlfriend (now wife) and I met living in Atlanta, we started going to HHI a couple of times a year and fell in love with the Island. So much so that we decided to get married there. Our families are from all over the country and thought that HHI would be a great place to motivate then to come. We where married on June 5, 1999 on the beach. We had about 100 guests. The night before during the dinner the weather was perfect. During the wedding the wind had picked up creating a few funny moments for the brides dress. During the ceremony, the thing that was very memorable was that hotel and neighboring condo guests came on their baloneys all around the area looking down on the ceremony. During the ceremony we where oblivious to this but when the Minister pronounced us husband and wife they all let out a big cheer. It was incredibly touching and surprising. That is a moment I will never forget. We took some great pictures walking along the beach afterward and had a great reception.

We have been back several times but not in the past few years. We where able to bring our now 7 year old twins back when they where younger and show them the spot that 'mommy and daddy' got married. We went to Harbor town and there was a musician playing and the twins became quite the entertainment for the audience as they danced with the musician. They really wanted to go up to the top of the light house but they where to young. They where also to young for the kayak tour that I had went on in the bay area and saw several dolphins up close. We had many special moments riding bikes on the beach (they where in a two seater that I pulled) and going to the Salty Dog. I look forward to sharing all of the Island with them now that they are getting old enough to do those things and really appreciate them. The Island will always have a special place in the heart of my family.


Oleksandr S. Asheville, NC

One word - AWESOME!!! Great place for a honeymoon :)


Honeymoon of Our Dreams
Charles P. Sevierville, Tennessee

After having a beautiful spring Wedding in our hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee, my wife and I traveled to a true jewel on the Carolina Coast. Hilton Head Island will always hold a place in our hearts and memories. Upon our arrival to the Island, it was unbelievably easy to find our condo with the directions that Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island had sent us. Our condo took our breath away. From the time we opened the front door we could see through the condo and out over miles and miles of beautiful blue ocean. After a quick walk through the condo we headed for the best part of Hilton Head Island, The beautiful sandy beaches. Being on the Island is like having a home away from home. The people are so friendly, and there always seems to be a smile on everyone's face. As it was my first visit to Hilton Head Island, I was thoroughly impressed. One of the best assets of the Island is its ability to conceal big box stores, parking lots, and electric lines which are often eyesores to other communities, but allow enough visibility that finding what you are looking for is not too difficult. My wife and I will definitely have many memories of Hilton Head Island. We would never be able to fit everything into one webpage so I'll just go into each of our favorite memories. For myself, the most memorable part of best honeymoon in the world would have been our drive across the Island to have dinner at the Sea Trawler Restaurant. We took the long way across the Island instead of taking the toll parkway as we had on most every other trip from one side of the Island to the other; therefore, we were able to see most of what the Island had to offer. At first, we went to the wrong place and it looked closed down but we shortly realized that the restaurant was just a short drive up the road from where we were. We pulled into the parking lot and for the first time, got to see the Intercoastal waterway side of the island. It was almost as stunning as looking out over the miles of beautiful ocean. The food was some of the freshest and most delectable seafood I have ever had. We were able to sit in a dining room with a large picture window that looked right into the marshland. There was a multitude of waterfowl sitting on the dock next to the restaurant that provided much entertainment during dinner. The sailboats on the waterway provided a perfect contrast between the setting sun and the reflective quality of the water. According to my wife, her favorite memory was all the "mom and pop" shops that we went to during our stay there. Hilton Head houses many shops that you just can't find anywhere else in the world. The small shops added an overall character to the community. They were very convenient and added variety. There was everything from beachwear and souvenirs, to jewelry, art, and home goods. A trip to the island isn't complete until you've stood up on the top of the Harbourtown Lighthouse in Seapines and observed all the yachts in the harbor or sitting on the balcony of your condo and watching the lights of distant ships heading toward the port of Savannah. Our honeymoon to Hilton Head was truly one of the most memorable trips in the entire world. It may have been my first trip there, but it definitely will not be our last. We look forward to many more trips to this island oasis in the future.


Honeymoon on HHI
Tom B. , OH

Our first of many trips to Hilton Head was for our honeymoon over 23 years ago. While some people might think a cruise, trip to the Bahamas, or other lavish vacation is the way to go for a honeymoon, we found Hilton Head to be the perfect place. The privacy, beauty, and fantastic food made this a great way to celebrate.

Back then, wearing SPF 30 was not a big deal like it is now. Suffice it to say that our pale midwestern skin was quickly burned as we loaded up on the baby oil and spent much of everyday doing absolutely NOTHING on the beach! Remember, this was a honeymoon so I only said "much" of everyday, not "all" of everyday:)

One of the best dinners we had that we still talk about today was at the restaurant right there in PD, Alexanders. I can still taste the most perfect steak, along with some red wine that was the perfect companion.

That first experience became an annual ritual that soon included the in-laws, one son, another son, friends, and probably a daughter-in-law sometime in the future. We've done the cycle of being the Ohio minivan, Greg Russell under the tree in H.Town, golfing with friends, and continue to look forward to HHI each season


Engaged on the Beach!
Alyssa R. Cincinnati, Ohio

My husband is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but lived in Hilton Head for five years. As soon as he moved back to Cincinnati we met working together. Although he chose to move back to Cincinnati (to meet me) he still loved Hilton Head and decided that he would make an annual vacation around Memorial Day. On our 3rd vacation down to Hilton Head he proposed to me on the beach! He proposed on May 30, 2009 and we were married a year later on May 30, 2010! We absolutely love Hilton Head and it will forever be a special place to us!

We always stay at North Shore in North Forest Beach and love the shops and restaurants that are located around there. My husband especially loves Wild Wing Cafe and talks about their food year round. We always look forward to our trips to Hilton Head and plan to eventually move there! We cannot wait to celebrate our One Year Wedding Anniversary on our vacation this year!