Resort Rentals Of Hilton Head Island Loves Their Snowbirds!

We are in the middle of winter and while it has been a bit chilly on Hilton Head it is far better than what the rest of the country has experienced. Today it is sunny and about 60 degrees. I have lived here so long that I remember a time when restaurants and shops closed in January and February so they could enjoy a well-deserved rest. That is no longer the case as the island bustles with not only locals, but snowbirds who come down and feel like locals for 1- 3 months of the year. We have snowbirds who visit us from Montreal, Maine or just around the corner in Georgia or South Carolina. We even have a couple that picked up and drove from New York with out a reservation but we were able to accommodate them.

These visitors often know what the island has to offer, even better than some long time residents. They are aware of who is running golf specials and what restaurants have the best deals. As we are in the middle of Restaurant Week right now there are specials galore to be had but most establishments have Early Bird specials that are always great. By staying for an extended time they get to enjoy things weekly visitors don’t usually have time for. They can go to a performance by the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, wander around the art galleries, and shop without the crowds. Oh and they play golf when the locals won’t so they have the courses to themselves and they think it is a real treat.

Some of our Snowbirds have been coming and staying in the same unit for years, it is almost like their second home! We do have some properties that are pet friendly so they bring down the whole family. For others it is their first time but I bet it won’t be their last. It isn’t too late to come down for February and March if you have the time, so call us at 800.845.7017 or even if you only have the time to get away for a week it is still beautiful on Hilton Head Island!