Hilton Head Art Galleries And Restaurants The Perfect Compliment To A Fall Day

Lots of people ask if there is anything to do as the days get a bit chillier and shorter on Hilton Head Island. The fall in the south is exceptional! While the north is already in winter coats one can get away with just a heavy sweater and still take a splendid walk on a very un-crowded beach. You can also attend one of the myriad of festivals happening on a weekend, catch an art flick at a movie theatre, go on your own personal art gallery tour or cheer on your favorite sports team at any number of bars and restaurants.

Speaking of football – you can find a place to celebrate your team whether you are a college or pro fan. Try Mangiamo’s for OH State, Captain Woody’s for Kentucky, Kenny B’s for Georgia, Vic’s for Michigan, Hinchey’s for Notre Dame and Wild Wings for USC (Carolina) to name a few. For the pros if you are a Steelers fan you will feel welcome in quite a few places from Casey’s, Callahan’s to Wild Wings but any of these three are great for all kinds of sports and they have good food too.

If sports aren’t your thing and you feel more comfortable surrounded by beauty, than an art gallery tour would be great for you. Between Hilton Head and eclectic Bluffton there are over 15 galleries that will please the eye and every taste. There are art classes that you can take, listen to a lecture by a prominent author, or enjoy a guided walking tour through Audubon Newhall Preserve.

To round out your day you can have a wonderful meal at over 200 restaurants that run the gamut of styles and prices. From Lowcountry funky to upscale and elegant we have it all here. Look at the Calendar of Events to see what is happening and visit soon and often.