Fishin’ In The Fall – Hilton Head Style

During the fall months, here on Hilton Head Island, the fish are ready to be caught. In the fall the best fishing is found in-shore. There are several types of fish that can be found in-shore around Hilton Head. Tarpon, flounder, red fish and sheepshead, to name a few are ready for a fight.

Tarpon are the best of fighters. They are beautiful silver fish that can be upwards of 8 feet long and weighing over 200 pounds. These fish are “catch and release” only, not meant to be eaten. Once they are hooked, the Tarpon have a strong fighting spirit in them and make awesome leaps into the air to try and evade you.

Flounder are flat and hide themselves in the grainy sand on the ocean floor. Fall is the best time to fish for flounder as it is when they spawn. Most flounders caught around Hilton Head are about 2-4 pounds and are great eating fish. The best way to eat Flounder is to broil or grill it.

Red Fish, also known as spot-tail bass are one of locals favorite fish to catch and to eat. They like to swim in shallow waters in the creeks and often swim in schools. You can “spot” them by the spot on their tail. Red Fish can grow upwards of 50 pounds but you can’t eat the Red Fish that are that big. We like to grill Red Fish and make fish tacos with them. YUM!

Sheepshead are also very yummy fish to catch. They like to hang out by dock and bridge pilings and love to eat fiddler crabs. Their teeth are short and stubby and allow them to crush the fiddlers. The average weight for a Sheepshead is right around 4 pounds. Blackened Sheepshead is the best way to eat this kind of fish.

Please note that some of these fish do have length and weight limits if you do wish to keep them. Your charter captain will know about these limits.

If you are interested in going Fishin’ in the Fall, or anytime of year for that matter, just give us a call at 800-845-7017! We will be more than happy to help you find the best fishing charter for you!