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Beach and Fun

Fishing with Friends in Faraway Places

Kathy P. West Palm Beach, Florida

Family Friends & Fishing are what I love about Hilton Head vacations...and pray for the opportunity again!


A perfect antidote for busy individuals to relax
Don J. Brampton, Ontario

Accommodation in the Greens in Shipyard were excellent with a lovely view of the Golf Course. We enjoyed good weather, good food, exciting shopping and met a lot of friendly people. Hilton Head has an atmosphere that is all its own and very special.

There are lots of things to do, beaches to walk on, biking, watching the alligators and turtles and making a visit to historic Savannah. There is also a bird sanctuary, fresh sea food, artist galleries where you actually meet with and talk with the artists.

The sporting facilities are worth a special mention with Tennis and Golf courses on par with the best. For entertainment, there is a Jazz Club, Boat trips, and watching the big fish (whales).

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we have been back four times in the past five years and will definitely make another trip or trips.


Lobster Dinner
Jack W. Mount Laurel, NJ

We, my wife and 2 girls, have vacationed for years at Hilton Head and most of the time with another couple and their daughter. The best dinner we ever had was at a local restaurant and our friend, Bob ordered a whole lobster. For some strange reason, I had confiscated a small squirt gun from one of the girls to make sure they did not get in trouble. His wife Marjie was sitting next to Bob and I was next to Bob on the other side.

Every time Bob squeezed the lobster for meat, I squirted Marjie with the gun. Everyone at the table knew what happened except her. We all played along and were scolding Bob for squirting his wife. She was totally flabbergasted that he could manage to squirt her so consistently. She was getting madder and madder and that made it funnier and funnier to everyone else at the table. Finally, the girls and other adults at the table could not longer contain themselves and she realized that something was up. We have never laughed so hard at any other time on vacation. Bob played along beautifully and the fact that it was all totally impromptu made it an evening we still laugh about 10 years later. I wish it had happened recently because one of the girls would have made a video I am sure and it would have been a You Tube smash.


Hilton Head Island for the Perfect Vacation
Vicki S. Charlottesville, VA

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have visited some fabulous places for vacation: London, Paris, Nice in the south of France, and a friend's private island in the North Bay of Canada, to name a few. But none rivals the wonderful anniversary trip we took to Hilton Head Island in May of 2010. It was the perfect vacation.

Having been to Hilton Head many times before, this trip was different from the moment we left our home in Charlottesville, Virginia because we drove instead of flying, for the first time ever. Doing so got the trip off on the right foot from the start.

The weather was picture perfect as we left Charlottesville, a good omen for the vacation to come. And we were not disappointed as we drove over the bridge the next morning onto our destination island. The sun was shining brightly and the blue sky was dotted with puffy clouds to welcome us back to our favorite place. Excitement was in the air.

Arriving earlier than planned, because of our eagerness to be in Hilton Head, we took care of a few errands before heading to Charlie's L'etoile Verte, our favorite restaurant on the island. It is our custom to always start our vacation with a Saturday lunch at Charlie's, and this visit was especially meaningful because we had the opportunity to meet Charlie himself! 'what luck!

The week progressed with our doing our favorite things: morning walks on the beach before breakfast, bike rides around the island on the many scenic bike paths, kayaking in the lagoons (always a favorite!), and of course, wonderful meals out.

My husband enjoyed the three fabulous golf courses in Palmetto Dunes, playing four of the seven days that we were there. He was in golf heaven. And while he played on some of the world's most beautiful golf courses, I enjoyed shopping around the island at all of my favorite places.

Our anniversary day was celebrated with lunch at our villa, prepared by my husband. We ate on our balcony overlooking the ocean, enjoying the incredible views. And anniversary dinner brought us back to Charlie's again, a tradition for our anniversary when on Hilton Head.

As the week drew to a close we did something we've never done before on the island: we rented beach chairs and an umbrella to just sit and enjoy the day. What an especial treat! After the weeks' activities and nonstop fun it was nice to sit peacefully and enjoy the view, reading and dozing occasionally too.

Again, the weather was picture perfect: sunny, sea breezes gently caressing our faces, the smell of the surf in the air. We enjoyed watching the children play in the sand, and people walking and biking on the beach. We wished the day could last forever. It was the most relaxing time. We decided that we will always rent beach chairs and an umbrella when we return to Hilton Head.

Our final night in Hilton Head was bittersweet: the peepers singing to us loudly from below, as if to tell us we must stay a bit longer. A wedding rehearsal dinner was ongoing at the pool below our condo, as if to commemorate our wedding celebration, the reason for our visit to the island.

As we left Hilton Head the next day, we promised that we would be back to create even more wonderful memories at our favorite place (which already holds our hearts and many happy thoughts). And as I write this from the cold climes of Virginia, I long for those warm and wonderful days on our beloved Hilton Head Island, the place for the perfect vacation!

Actually Have A Vacation
Roxanne B. Pittsburgh, PA


Forget vacations that require an enormous amount of money and a packed schedule. Hilton Head Island is where you can relax and actually have a vacation. We have spent the past three summers vacationing on Hilton Head Island, it was love at first sight.

We don't plan much when we go to Hilton Head Island and just go with whatever moves us for the day. That might include a day at the beach, a bike ride to Coligny Plaza to shop, swimming in the resort pool, or a great meal at one of the many restaurants.

We have spent quality time with our children each and every trip and thanks to the resort for allowing us to bring our dog with us spent a wonderful week with her before she passed away this past summer.

There are no power lines in the sky so your photographs can be of nature and nothing more. Not only do we have the memories of the best times we have shared we have beautiful photographs to go with them.


Spending time,sharing memories with grandkids
Roberta H. Independence, KY

having lost my job in feb.2010, it was a great time spent with my daughters family at a time i needed some cheering up. We went exploring all of the island. Riding bikes on the property. with a 4 year old and a 6 year old . It was their first time looking at the ocean. We went to the lighthouse, ate at The Salty Dog of course, and stayed in a beautiful home owned by the doctor my daughter works for. The only down side was my grandsons allergies, he could not get into the ocean because the salt water would cause a rash and it burned . but luckily the home on the golf course had its own private pool.. Awesome!!!!! Love all of the seafood restaurants, but we did have to get pizza once in a while! Lots of various restaurants to choose from. Played lots of miniature golf. ocean was only a short walk..very secure area where we stayed. all in all a great time with lots of fun memories. hope very much to visit again!!!!


It doesn't get any better than HHI!
Bob H. Wadsworth, Ohio

We have vacationed on Hilton Head Island 10 times in the past 11 years and each year it has been great. The villa we rent is exactly what we are looking for in a beach vacation with ocean front views overlooking the pool. We have our favorite restaurants, but each year we try some new ones which invariable get added to our list. In my opinion it doesn't get any better than HHI!